3870HSG Class B Autoclave


The 3870 HSG is an 85 liter hospital grade Class B autoclave, suitable for dental and medical centers, and operating rooms. It is designed to be a fast cycle sterilizer that is portable, operates 24 hours a day, and can optionally operate independent of building utilities.

General Features

Safety Features

Dual-Mode Operation

Independent of Utilities
The 3870 HSG comes with a standard "Plug and Play" option to operate only with an electric power connection. In this mode there is no need to connect the autoclave to the building utilities for distilled water, tap water and drain.
Dependent on Utilities
The 3870 HSG can be operated as a stationary sterilizer connected to building utilities for distilled and tap water supply, drain and electricity.

High Speed Cycles
The HSG is a very fast sterilizer due to stand-by steam and quick drying. Steam is available immediately from a strong built-in 9 kW steam generator. Quick drying is achieved by post vacuum steam removal with a powerful water-ring vacuum-pump.

Huge Water Saving
The 3870 HSG can use an optional highly efficient water recycling system consuming only 5 liters of tap water a day. An equivalent machine uses 80 to 100 liters per cycle.