5075HSG - Class B Autoclave


The 5075HSG and 5075HS are fully featured 160 liter stand-alone pre & post vacuum autoclaves. Many years of expertise with industrial sterilization technology have been packaged into the 5075 autoclave models to make them ideal hospital grade autoclaves.
Both the 5075HSG and the 5075HS are mobile floor standing autoclaves. They are as simple and easy to use as any Canmedic tabletop autoclave.
The 5075HSG comes with a built-in 18 kW stainless steel electrical steam generator for fast sterilization cycles. The 5075HS has a connection port for building steam supply.
The 5075 autoclave is ideal for most applications and is commonly used for fast cycles in operating rooms, outpatient clinics, plastic surgeries and other regional and mid-size healthcare facilities.
The 5075 autoclave chamber is surrounded by a coiled jacket that increases overall cycle speed and performance by maintaining chamber warmth when in stand-by mode. The coiled jacket also ensures uniform heat distribution throughout the chamber. The system also provides a deep and powerful vacuum due to a high volume water-ring vacuum pump for reliable and complete air removal.
The 5075HS provides all the features and reliability of a hospital grade autoclave at a high throughput and a considerably low cost.

Autoclave Features