CME-CL350 - Xenon Cold Light Source


CME series of medical xenon lamp cold light source consists of the powet supply system, display system, control system and the light output system. By use of PWM (pul se-width modulation) circuit and control circuit built up by imported advanced IC, its power supply system is characterized by reduced-voltage lockout and slow starting.

The display system involves a lange-scale integrated circuit bonding, and LED display has high anti-interference ability, stable operation and clear display.

The light output system is composed of a deep-ellipse dielectric light reflector, high-efficiency xenon lamp and aluminum alloy bulb bracket, having low increase of temperature, high reflecting and over 95% infrared transmission ratio.

The CME series medical xenon lamp cold light source can be used as light source of medical appliance and is featured by its small size, light weight, high efficiency and reliable performance. Connected with different kinds of fiberscope through optical fiber, the cold light source can be widely used in hospital such as heart vain and artery, brain surgery, surgical department, alimentary canal department, the five sense organs, gynecology and the like. It is a high brightness source of light for surgery and physic image system. And it is also necessary matching equipment in hospital and teaching experiments.