2540-B Class-B Dental Sterilizer


The quickest Class-B autoclave with built-in RO-system

Integrated RO-Water System
An integrated water treatment system achieves a continuous flow of feed water of the correct quality for the steam generator. This RO – system has to be replaced, depending of the feed water quality, after 15 to 20 thousand cycles. So there is no need to purchase or produce dematerialized water separately.

Fully Automatic Door Closing System
An operator friendly door closing system achieves a firm closing of the door. Push the door gently to closing position and a electro motor with spindle will close the door. After a completed cycle the door will open after the push button "door open" is pressed.

Fully Steam Jacketed Chamber
The steam is generated in the jacket of the sterilizer chamber. This results in a quick heat up phase and an optimal temperature distribution.

Complete Class-B Cycles with Maximum Load (including drying within 18 and 45 minutes)
A powerful vacuum system achieves a deep vacuum in a very short time. The process control guards all process parameters. The optimal process is resulting in a minimal quantity of condensate which results in an optimal drying. Depending of the load and cycle the Canmedic 2540B can achieve a cycle of 18 minutes for instruments, including drying. A 121oC cycle will take approximately 45 minutes.

Three sterilization cycles and two test cycles can be chosen. A printer and/or PC connection are available. A self diagnostic system gives information to the operator in case of an error or an operating fault.

Energy Saving
The sterilizer will automatically switch to sleep mode if it is not operated for some time. (Evening or weekend)

Scope of Supply
Insert with 4 trays, tray grip and connection RS 232 and USB