EVB and EVS - The Classical Class B/S Sterilizer


The EVB and EVS are pre & post vacuum sterilizers built for private clinics that wish to upgrade to a sterilizer that uses vacuum air-removal. The EVB and EVS are the classic and reliable choice, offering advanced technology at an affordable price.
The EVB is designed to provide Class B cycles while the EVS is designed to provide Class S cycles in accordance with EN13060.

Both models have the following features:

The EVS is an affordable solution that is designed to process wrapped and unwrapped, hollow B instruments. If, however, you need to sterilize hollow A devices, with extremely long lumens, you should consider the EVB. The EVB is programmed to perform up to 4 pre-vacuum air removal pulses that result in 99.5% removal of air. The EVS, on the other hand, uses a single air removal vacuum pulse to remove most of the air.