Lava 50 - Washer Disinfector


Lava 50 DRS Dental Washer
The Lava 50 DRS is a compact, simple to install, easy to use, cost effective solution in the ever growing need for decontamination control. It is ideal for use in hospitals, laboratories, surgeries and clinics. With its excellent disinfection and drying capabilities it prepares instruments for sterilization as part of the total decontamination process. The Lava 50 DRS is designed and constructed to comply with the latest UK and European norms on decontamination.

An efficient aid for the cleaning and the thermal disinfection of all Medical, Dental and Laboratory instruments. A washer of a modern concept, designed and constructed in compliance with the guidelines indicated in the new European Norm concerning safety and hygiene. The washer can be placed on any work surface and is simple to install, the built-in detergent compartment and dispenser are standard features. This model has three different wash programs including thermal disinfection at 93°C. The various stages of the cycle are controlled by a microprocessor that guarantees the highest level of hygiene. Made entirely of stainless steel AISI316, the Lava 50 model has a modern wash chamber fitted with a highly efficient self-cleaning system.

Functionality A multi-functional aid capable of holding all the receptacles commonly used in dental and medical clinics.

Safety Features The numerous safety features include: door lock for the entire duration of the cycle, door opening possible only if disinfection is complete, disinfection check, acoustic alarm to indicate faults, chemical control etc.

Flexible Programming The display shows the type of program, temperature and faults at any given moment. The various programming levels can be accessed, using the keypad, to adapt the machine functions to your specific requirements.

Basket - Lava 50 DRS
C84 Basket for dental instruments

Computerized Management A latest generation microprocessor controls the machine's electronics. The microprocessor is powerful and reliable and offers numerous advantages such as easy programming. The self-diagnosis function gives statistics concerning the functioning and use of the machine as well as a record of historical events.

The Lava 50 DRS includes all the features of the Lava 50 as well as additional features: