3870EHS - Prevacuum Hospital Sterilizer


Our expertise with large, industrial sterilization technology was packaged into the EHS, the fastest pre & post vacuum tabletop sterilizer. It is a hospital grade sterilizer ideal for outpatient or private clinics that wish to be independent of a CSSD (Central Sterilization Supply Department) for instrument processing, but do not want to compromise on results. It is also commonly used for Flash cycles in operating theaters.


The EHS is our fastest tabletop autoclave. This is achieved with a jacketed double walled chamber, which acts as an instant supply of steam and keeps the autoclave warm and ready for use. The powerful water-ring vacuum-pump provides for fast pre and post vacuum air removal.



Double Wall:

Surrounding the chamber is a second wall, the jacket. The internal steam generator fills the jacket with steam when the sterilizer is first started. The jacket then acts as a steam generator and reservoir.