Nova - Prevacuum Tabletop Autoclave


The Nova is the pre & post vacuum sterilizer that uses the most advanced tabletop technology available. The 23 liter chamber has compact outer dimensions making it a perfect fit for today's contemporary clinic. The Nova is designed to sterilize class B cycles. A common application is in the medical OR (Operating Room) as an independent sterilization unit or in dental and private clinics that need to sterilize narrow and hollow instruments and wrapped packs.



features_printer Built in Printer
Conveniently located, does not require additional connections or external devices
features_trays Stainless Steel Trays
Durable, long lasting
features_pc_connection PC Connection Port for Direct PC Access
Enables direct software updates and remote maintenance
features_Pressure_Gauge Independent Pressure Gauge
Reads the chamber pressure independently of the control system for improved monitoring
features_stainless Stainless Steel Chamber
316 type stainless steel chamber with electro-polish finish
features_steam Independent Steam Generator
Provides readily available steam for faster cycles

Safety and Convenience Features: