Plasma Sterilizer - PlazMax 200


Design Conception
Hydrogen peroxide low temperature plasma sterilization technology is to create plasma inside of sterilization chamber. Hydrogen Peroxide is a kind of high effect oxidant, when it enters into vacuumed sterilization chamber in gas state, hydrogen peroxide and water diffuse quickly into a slurry state under strong electromagnetic field. Then the slurry decomposes into high active free radicles and diffuses to the surfaces, inside and apertures of instruments. Gas slurry of mdecules is then created (mainly free electrons and ions). The active molecules kill bacterias and microorganisms on heat sensitive surgical instruments and then pressure in chamber increases to atmospheric pressure. Finally, sterilization circulation ends and the particles recombine into water and oxygen and discharged without any residue.

Brief Introduction
PlasMax series sterilizer adopts internationally advanced low temperature hydrogen peroxide sterilization technology. The sterilizer can reach reliable fast and effective sterilization on metal, non-metal, humidity and heat sensitive medical instruments. No offensive residue, safe to operator, high efficiency to reduce the instrument storage are the top values of PlasMax Low temperature plasma sterilizer.

Product Development
In late 20th century, application and development of minimal invasive surgery were highly enhanced with the development of science and technology and higher requirements for health from human being. The popularization of minimal invasive surgery is a trend of modern operation.On this base, choosing a safe, environment friendly, easy and fast sterilization equipment is very important. Life Controller's Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer is the right product which can meet all requrements mentioned above from the clients.

PlasMax adopt full computer control system. LCD touch screen provide man-machine conversation platform. Built in biological incubator of Life Controller plasma sterilizer can monitor and recognize biological incubation result automatically with easy operation. Printing system can print accurate current and stored sterilization parameters and results.

Heat preservation chamber
Advantages of Biological Indicator Seal inserting cassette sterilization chamber Hydrogen peroxide low temperature plasma sterilizer is very sensitive to temperature difference in sterilization chamber. PlasMax series sterilization chamber adopts full Aluminium with good heat conductibility. Temperature in the chamber can keep constant equal after chemical treatment to guarantee no offensive residue and reach stable sterilization effect.

With same capacity, rectangle design of PlasMax sterilization chamber has much bigger loading capability than round sterilization chamber. The chamber can hold more instrument 12 sets of laparoscopic can be sterilized at one time and also enhance sterilization efficiency.

Models Foot Pedal Incubator Double Monitor Double Loading Online Control Automatic Loading
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