Detail Information

Product Function:
This Intelligent automatic shoe cover dispenser can solve the problem of changing shoes or wearing shoe cover by hand when people enter into clean area.
People just need to put their foot into the dispenser and a PVC film shoe cover will wrap shoes automatically.
It only takes about 3 seconds. People no need to bend down anymore. no need to wash hands.

How to use?

1. One roll PVC film

2. Place the PVC film roll into the machine

3. Press the "film out" key

4. PVC film comes out, ready to use

Our Advantage

  1. Unique Manufacturer, Global First, use thermo shrinkable principle.
  2. With 10 years of export experience for this automatic shoe cover machine
  3. Fashion design , look more beautiful
  4. Lower cost, cheaper than traditional shoe cover, the thickness is 28μm, more durable
  5. Large shoe cover capacity,the traditional shoe cover machine maximum shoe cover capacity is 200pcs. Ours is with 1000pcs or 1600pcs shoe cover. No need to add shoe cover very frequent.
  6. Long design life, the design life is 300,000 Times
  7. It is easy to use and comfortable to wear. it only covers the bottom of the shoe, does not bind feet.

Product Specification

  1. Capacity of shoe cover : 1000pcs shoe cover
  2. Design Useful Life: 300,000 times
  3. Operating Voltage / Frequency : 220V ±5% or 110V ±5% 50/60Hz
  4. Rated power : 1300W
  5. Standby Power : 75W
  6. Preheating Time : ≈120s
  7. Film-delivering Time : 3s
  8. Film Shaping Time : 3s
  9. Material of Outer Case: ABS
  10. Dimension of Machine : 78 x 44 x 32 cm
  11. Dimension of Carton : 87 x 50 x 40 cm
  12. Net Weight : 21 kg
  13. Gross Weight : 27kg

Applicable Site for Intelligent automatic shoe cover dispenser
Medical system: Clinics, Laboratory, Hospital , Medical Center, etc
Factory: Food factory, Pharmaceutical factory, Electric factory, Chemical industry, Dustless room, etc
Real Estate: Model house, High grade residence, etc
Public: High grade club, Hotel, Museum, Top grade meeting room, Spa center, Fitness center, etc
Education System: Kindergarten, School, Computer room, Research and Teaching, etc