Tiva 600 - Washer Disinfectors for Hospitals


Canmedic Tiva 600 marks the evolution of a flexible full system for the washing, disinfection, drying and the validation of medical and laboratory items. All loading and unloading operations can be carried out by using manual trolleys.


Canmedic Control System:
The new Canmedic CONTROL SYSTEM allows the user to optimize the washing process and to personalize thermo disinfection programs to insure traceability of contaminated items and allow validation of the washing cycles according to the current European directives.

  • Security is insured through a password
  • 20 rememorized washing cycles are stored in the control system along with space for an additional 20 washing cycles to be defined by the user
  • The LCD control screen displays in detail the washing cycle phases and parameters.
  • RS 232 PC connection
Optional Features:
  • Hepa Filter H 14
  • Printer for cycle documentation, monitoring and validation
  • Pure water connection (osmotic)
  • Boiler for pre-heating DEMI water, with 4.5 Kw heaters
  • 3rd and 4th dosing pumps for chemical products, complete with product check with an alarm for minimum level
  • The Tiva 600 complies with 93/42/EEC and is manufactured in accordance with the PR EN ISO 15883-1and 2.