Tiva 900 - 1000 - Washer Disinfectors for Hospitals

Tiva 1000 and Tiva 900 presents the highest and the newest standards of flexible full system Washers for washing, disinfection, drying and validation of medical and laboratory items. Loading and unloading operations can be performed by manual or automatic trolleys, connected to a conveyor system. Tiva 1000 model is ideal for surgical and anesthesia items centralized treatment, having 2 washers placed side by side enable the treatment of large items quantities with CSSD.


Optional Features Hot Air Drying

tiva900_1000_control_panel CONTROL SYSTEM
The new electronic control system entitles to optimize the washing process and to personalize thermo disinfection programs to be performed on demand of the principal validated parameters tracking, as stated by the European norms.
  • 3 security levels through codes.
  • Up to 65 memorized washing and disinfection programs available:
    -5 service programs
    -10 fixed programs
    -50 free programs, personalize
The LCD control screen presents the cycle phases during operation. As a standard, the control system is equipped, with trolley type automatic identification system.

Washer Trolley

Automatic trolley for loading/unloading baskets.
Loading_Trolley_C200 C200
Semi automatic trolley for loading/unloading baskets equipped with self-locking wheels.

Design and Construction
Body Body
  • Washing chamber made of stainless steel AISI 316L, corrosion proof
  • Special construction system guarantee total removal of angle and breeding ground dirty
  • Self cleaning chamber with rounded edges
  • 3 levels water filtering system
Door Features Door Features
  • Automatic vertical sliding double door with safety device
  • Door made of tempered glass, High Shock Tested (HST)
Basket Baskets
  • Frontal loading and pass-through baskets with separation for contaminated and clean side
  • Baskets injection connection system - water pipes distribute water into hollow objects for best treatment and for thermo disinfection guarantee
  • Baskets type Automatic identification for observance washing rules guarantees
  • Basket sensor for right basket positioning
  • The cycle Starts by automatic magnetic code reading
Trolley_A Trolley
  • Trolley available for rapid and flexible baskets loading/unloading, equipped with wheels and safety mechanism


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